Young Donkey

I never realized that donkeys entered a stage in their life when they appeared even remotely cute...But this little angel chances everything.

Young donkeys are super cute!
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Sleepy Kitty

And the award for cutest sleeping kitten goes to...

The adorable kitten see here in this picture!
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Finally after thousands of years, the mice have figured out how to recover the cheese from a mousetrap, or so they think...

To be continued.
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Infant Tiger Cub

Aw, have you ever seen a cuter baby tiger in your life?

This newborn infant tiger has a lot of growing up to do, but first he has to work on getting his eyes open.
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Hamster Table For One

This little hamster is very picky when it come to dinner time, in fact he demands the table be set before he enters the room.

And if you think that's strange, wait until you see him use the chopsticks!
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Baby Wombat

Baby wombats are so irresistibly cute and cuddly, but i don't wanna see them get angry...They remind me of an innocent version of the Tasmanian devil.
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Chipmunk Flower

I find Chipmunk's to be much more thoughtful than your average squirrel, especially when they greet you with flowers.
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Kitten Cuddle

This cute little kitten has not a worry in the world, given he is able to locate his favorite cuddle toy before taking his afternoon nap.

You don't want to see him when he gets angry.
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Cutest Puppy Butt Ever

This usually isn't the pleasant side of a puppy, however this cute little Shiba Inu puppy has the most adorable little fuzzy backside.
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